"One intensive month…raised my writing to a new level of focus and inspiration…"

Stacey Resnikoff
Stacey Resnikoff (left, foreground) and other PAA students on an excursion to Harry's Bar and other Hemingway haunts in Paris.

As a full-time freelance writer, I found my fiction writing always taking a backseat to work-for-hire. Giving myself one intensive month at Paris American Academy — working with brilliant instructors in a lively community — raised my writing to a new level of focus and inspiration. Our teachers gave of themselves fully. Their insights were so in-the-moment and spot-on that nothing about their teaching was rote. They and the guest lecturers filled us with their spirit and enthusiasm.

And an enthusiastic bunch we were. From a Philly restaurateur who slowed her pace to live abroad and write, to a teacher from Beirut driven by poetry and art, to an entrepreneur from Bangalore whose passion for business was trumped by the short story, we all came to PAA with the resolve to be ever-better writers. During 30 days in our own orbit, we shared stories and poems, critiques and praise, wine and, yes, even song. Of course, this was all made pitch-perfect by Paris. Parties on Rue Saint Jacques and the Seine, jazz and conversation at Café Universel, the flowing wines at Le Baron Rouge, strolls along Rue Mouffetard and Ile Saint-Louis, and writing for hours at Luxembourg Gardens — these are moments I savored. There is, perhaps, no place on earth more suited to creative exploration, celebration and introspection than Paris. And, for me, no place more welcoming and engaging to study the craft than PAA.

— Stacey Resnikoff (PAA '12; Senior Writing Fellow '15 and '16), freelance writer, Boston

"One of the best month-long adventures your life will ever serve up..."

Renee Ozburn
Renee Ozburn (foreground) enjoys a soiree on Canal St. Martin with fellow 2016 students Rachel Kessel, Louis Hood, Jon DeHart, Rachel O'Brien-Eddy, Stacey Resnikoff, Hamza Mathari, and Megan Scott.

Picture attending classes in a room brightened by an enormous crystal chandelier, overlooking a garden, in the 400 year old building where composers Erik Satie, Cole Porter and other greats studied — in Paris. Then imagine an amazingly talented and enthusiastic faculty of professional writers imparting years of accumulated craft and wisdom. Add hours spent writing in quiet spaces or busy cafés, parties at parks on the Seine, exploring Parisian cuisine, music, dancing, fireworks, daily laughter, occasional tears of joy or sorrow and surprising insights that spring from writing, writing and more writing. And share the wonder and excitement of it all with a multinational, varied-age, differently experienced group of interesting, engaged and supportive writing students — all with stories to tell. Enduring friendships blossom. It feels like you’ve landed in one of the best month-long adventures your life will ever serve up. For me, this was the Paris American Academy’s Creative Writing Workshop.

— Renee Ozburn, (PAA ’16), 64 years old, attorney, Michigan

"I left a better writer, thinker and reader…"

Tricia King
Tricia King (center) enjoys an end-of-summer toast along the Seine with fellow 2014 students Rani Banjarian and Alana Solin.

The Paris American Academy summer writing workshop was a game-changer for my writing. The classes are energetic and the curriculum is inspired, but at its core the PAA Writing Workshop is about collecting a really great group of people who are passionate about writing and open to sharing an intensive learning experience in one of the world’s most intriguing cities.

Beyond representing their own unique corners of the literary world with such intelligence, humor and enthusiasm, the professors set a tone of friendship and respect amongst one another, and that rapport trickled down to us students. From the beginning, we had this tight-knit little writing community set up for us, which is a rare and surprising gift in an academic and professional domain that can be so solitary. The workshops were unlike anything I have experienced in a classroom setting. It was both humbling and motivating to have my professors and classmates consider my work as if it were a serious, worthwhile piece of literature. I left a better writer, thinker and reader.

— Tricia King (PAA '14), Norfolk, VA

"I feel much more confident delving into genres I once thought intimidating…"

Austin Weihmiller
2014 student Austin Weihmiller reads fiction as part of the student reading series at Café Universel.

When friends ask me about my month in Paris, I respond with one word: Magical.

Each lecture and workshop made me excited to go home and write, and rewrite, and rewrite the rewrite. During workshops, the instructors were able to pinpoint where I could enhance my writing, and gave me great new ideas that hadn’t ever occurred to me. They made me feel at home and safe—we were all in a place where we could explore and hone our craft. After my summer at the Paris American Academy, I feel much more confident in delving into genres I once thought intimidating. Writing essays and memoirs comes more naturally now, and reading and writing poetry doesn’t scare me anymore!

The students were a diverse group, people of all ages and cultures visiting Paris from corners far and wide with a common passion—storytelling. On our first evening in the City of Light, as we sat together along bank of Seine below Norte Dame, I saw them as intriguing strangers. By the end of the month they had become my community, my people.

— Austin Weihmiller (PAA ’14) 18 years old, Honolulu

"Spending a month in Paris as a writer…changed my life forever…"

Kelly Rudnicki
Kelly Rudnicki (right) enjoys an evening along Place de la Contrescarpe in the Left Bank, with fellow 2014 student Jennabeth Taliaferro.

Spending a month in Paris as a writer and as a student of the Paris American Academy changed my life forever. I sharpened and perfected my skills as a writer, and every day was enlightening.

My fellow PAA students became second family. We shared our successes, triumphs and even our dreaded writers’ blocks. The bond and sense of community we formed in one month’s time is special. To this day we continue to trust and share our work with each other, even after leaving Paris.

I left the summer creative writing program inspired to continue to become the best writer I can be. My heart is full of love and gratitude for the PAA, and the city of Paris, for rebooting my love and passion for one of the greatest joys in life -– writing.

— Kelly Rudnicki (PAA '14), 39 year-old freelance writer, author of three books, and former news journalist/producer. Mother of five children living in Southern California.

"The faculty are kind and thorough…they're on your side, they want you to succeed…"

Andrew Bezek
Andrew Bezek (left) and fellow 2012 PAA students enjoy dinner on Rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement.

The Paris writing program is fabulous. I was intrigued when I walked in on the first day and found people of all ages, backgrounds, countries and cultures sitting beside me in the orientation room. There was 21-year-old me from Atlanta sitting next to 20-year-old Andrea from Australia, who was sitting next to 60-year-old Aravind from India. But what began as something unusual became one of the most rewarding and unique aspects of spending the summer at the Paris American Academy writing program. Unlike other writing programs, this isn't really a 'college-only' program — it's for people who are serious about writing and serious about spending time with other writers. I learned more surrounded by all these different kinds of people than I would've learned at any college program. They have real-world experience, real-life experience, and they so excited about sharing it.

The faculty are kind and thorough, and they each have something different they're bringing to the (writing) table. What is so wonderful is the feeling that they are on your side, and they actually want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. The readings at Café Universal and the weekly soirees are something extra that make it an experience of a lifetime. I think Paris American Academy is the perfect way to experience Paris as a writer. It gives you the tools and the experiences to make your time in Paris something that will give you (and your writing life) joy for years to come.

— Andrew Bezek (PAA '12), Yale College class of 2013

"I met amazing people from different backgrounds who were here to grow as writers…"

Rania Jaber
Rania Jaber enjoys an evening soiree and salon for PAA students along the banks of the Seine in July of 2012.

I came to the Paris American Academy with one expectation: to be inspired to write again. It sounded perfect: one month of writing in the world’s most literary city. What I discovered was a group of intellectuals, teachers, designers, university students, and professionals who were seeking other like-minded individuals. I met amazing people from different backgrounds who were here to grow as writers. I also met four inspiring teachers who challenged my thinking and helped me understand that writing really is a craft.

I learned that writing should be practiced every day and what better place to begin than the streets of Paris. My observations and thoughts turned into stories and poems. Each person in the program brought their own perspective and their unique style of writing to both the workshops and the classroom sessions. The feedback and support that rotated in each workshop and class ensured that I came out of this month with one realization…I could write!

— Rania Jaber (PAA '12), classroom teacher and MA in Anthropology, Beirut

"We all became a community both inside and outside the classroom…"

Molly Sprayregen
Molly Sprayregen (center) relaxes in the PAA garden with fellow 2012 students Andrea Andres, Andrew Bezek, and David Turnbull.

It is almost a rite of passage for an aspiring writer to spend a summer in Paris, and studying here left me with no questions as to why the great American writers found their inspiration in this city. Combine the incredible location with incredible people, and you are guaranteed to find inspiration and improve your writing skills at the Paris American Academy. I came to the PAA after three years of intensive undergraduate study in Creative Writing, and even though I had done countless workshops, I quickly realized how special the PAA truly is. First of all, it has four wonderful teachers, who are as passionate about helping their students as they are about their own writing. Also, I felt so privileged to be with a group of fellow students that were as committed to their craft as I am. Everyone at the PAA is there because they choose to be there, because they love to write and are determined to get better. I cherished the opportunity to spend an entire month surrounded by people who shared my passions.

The other amazing part about studying at PAA was the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and of all ages. The ability to receive feedback from people with such varying backgrounds gave me insight about my work that I’d never had before. We all became a community both inside and outside the classroom. All of these things helped me bring my writing to a new level but above all, being there — surrounded by wonderful people and writers and the enriching history of Paris — reminded me why I love writing so much in the first place. The program re-ignited my passion for words, and for that I am forever grateful.

— Molly Sprayregen (PAA '12), 21 years old, University of Pennsylvania class of 2013

"I feel I have a creative skill that will serve me for the rest of my life…"

Lauren Klein
Lauren Klein reads a short story during the 2012 PAA Fellows reading at Café Universel.

As a new writer, The Paris American Academy Creative Writing Workshop has been instrumental in giving me confidence and easy-to-absorb instruction. My focus has been the short story, both fiction and non-fiction, but I have ventured into poetry as well. The cross-pollination of learning about all genres has helped me understand the short story better, improving my work immensely. My learning curve has been rather steep, and I attribute this to the extraordinary professors. Each has their specialties and different ways of teaching, but they dovetail perfectly. I think I will be able to publish this coming year, and am happy about that, but more importantly to me, I now feel I have a creative skill that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life, and hopefully, others.

— Lauren T. Klein (PAA '11 and '12), 57 years old, San Francisco

"A wonderful and deeply enriching experience…"

Lucretia Grindle

Novelist Lucretia Grindle participates in the Paris American Academy reading series at Shakespeare & Co. Books.

A month at the Paris Writer's Workshop is a wonderful and deeply enriching experience. The program stands out from others of its kind in several important ways.

For a start, it runs for a full month. This is both rare and important. It not only allows students and professors to come to know one another, but also allows for deep and genuine exploration both of students' writing and of the various texts used for study. In addition, the time allows for significant interaction amongst students and for a series of one-to-one conferences with professors, both of which add significantly to the whole experience.

The second great strength of the Paris American Academy writing workshop is its interdisciplinary approach. The Workshop welcomes both fiction and non-fiction writers as well as poets. While it is not mandatory for students to take all the classes offered, it is a real advantage if they choose to do so. The program is designed for the instruction in each discipline to complement the others. Taking advantage of them not only exposes students to different teachers and approaches, but gives a deep and well rounded experience in creative writing. In addition to classes and workshops, the teaching modules are complimented by specially designed field trips and practical instruction in public reading, an aspect of writing all too often ignored.

The format of the Paris Writer's workshop means that it is ideally suited to writers of all abilities. I had already published when I decided to attend, but others who were there had not. The quality of the teaching and the structure of the course was such that we all benefited equally. The whole experience was enriched by both the outstanding quality of the teaching, and the diverse background of the students, all of whom brought something different to the experience.

I came away from the month I spent at The Paris Writer's Workshop invigorated, inspired, and humbled. I am very much looking forward to coming back!

—Lucretia Grindle (PAA '08), author of The Villa Triste, The Nightspinners, and other novels

"The perfect way for an aspiring writer to experience Paris…"

Joe Masterman

Joe Masterman (left) chats with fellow 2009 student Louise Easson before a workshop class in the Schola Cantorum.

The creative writing class at the Paris American Academy was the perfect way for an aspiring writer like myself to experience Paris. The writing tutors were better than any teachers I have ever had at my university in America. They are insightful and passionate about helping students of all experience levels, and our work in seminars and one-on-one meetings profoundly improved my approach to writing. The program cultivated a stimulating and lasting community of writers — the students and tutors I met in Paris continue to communicate and support one another in all of our new writing endeavors.

Aside from the writing classes, the American Academy itself could not be more perfect. The building is located in the heart of Paris's historic writing culture. Every day I walked the same streets and wrote in the same cafes that Ernest Hemingway frequented when he lived in Paris. Furthermore, the American Academy is the most economic way to study writing in Paris. The Academy's students receive the same opportunities offered by other English-based writing courses for about half the price.

As usual, Hemingway said it best: "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." Studying creative writing in Paris was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The American Academy was integral in providing me a feast of memories and experiences that I will carry forever.

—Joe Masterman (PAA '09), Harvard University, Class of 2012

"The intelligence, creative energy, and camaraderie reinforced my drive…"

Julia Moore

Julia Moore (right) relaxes with fellow 2009 student Gabe Moseley on the Pont des Arts over the Seine.

Being six years post-undergrad, the prospect of applying to MFA programs this fall felt daunting. I figured that a summer workshop would be the best way for me to fine-tune both my writing portfolio and literary volition — and I might as well do so in Paris.

As it was, this somewhat whimsical decision turned into among the better experiences of my life. Beyond issuing a depth of knowledge concerning the craft of writing in all its forms, the faculty managed to communicate their varied experiences in instructive and compassionate ways. They did what all good teachers are meant to do, reminding and inspiring their students about the purpose of the subject, and the moment at hand.

Of course, what really made this workshop a profound experience was the interaction with my peers. The intelligence, creative energy, and camaraderie I found in the others at the program reinforced my drive toward graduate studies. Being around a community of writers is what it's all about, and I cherish the friends I made at the Paris American Academy writing workshop.

—Julia Moore (PAA '09), 28 years old, USA

"A single month at the PAA took my craft to a whole new level…"

Mike Fong

Mike Fong (left) shares a story during the Paris Journal class in the American Academy garden.

In the summer of 2006, I quit my job as a Chicago stock exchange trader and moved to Europe. My first stop was at the creative writing workshop at the Paris American Academy.

I had taken a number of writing courses as an undergraduate at Northwestern University, and was very impressed that a single month at PAA took my craft to a whole new level. The teachers were passionate about their work, and more importantly, passionate about their teaching. They consistently put in extra time in order to help me develop as a writer and discover and refine my style. The month in Paris in a supportive community of writers was a great start to my expatriate life.

For the following three years, I continued to live abroad, accumulating stories and life lessons. When it came time to write about them, I could not think of a better place to do so than at PAA. I returned in July 2009 to complete the program for a second time, and was pleased once again.

—Mike Fong (PAA '06, '09 and '12), Chicago

"I cannot imagine a better way to experience Paris…"

Misha Habib

Misha Habib (right) tours Paris with fellow 2009 student Penny Newell.

The Paris American Academy and its writing professors showed me the magic of living and writing in Paris. From the moment I landed to the day I left, the PAA provided all the instruction and guidance needed to make my stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Paris has so much to offer in and of itself, but the PAA writing workshop is what made my sojourn in the city truly unforgettable. I cannot imagine a better way to experience Paris.

—Misha Habib (PAA '09), Islamabad, Pakistan