A group picture from the 2011 Paris American Academy summer writing workshop

Class of the 2011

Above: 2011 Paris American Academy writing participants, pictured here outside the Schola Cantorum classroom, included: (front row) Rebecca Thompson, Meghan Feldmeier, Leia Jane Zidel, Pratima Gangopadhyay, Penny Newell, Madebo Fatunde, Patricia Giacona-Wilson, Vanora Fung; (second row) Kaori Fujimoto, Reigan Ware, Will Miller, Susan Mohammed, Lillian Klein, Courtney Sexton, Emily Ding, Sofiana Filipi, Michelle Martinez; (third row) Sheila Pham, Myrel Chernick, Kate Erskine, Tommy Pico; (fourth row) Lauren Klein, Lucretia Grindle, Ann de Bruin, Powell Berger, Amy Sterne, Charlotte Callander; (back row) Rolf Potts, Lauren Grodstein, Lise Funderburg, John Biguenet (photo by Lindsey Rue).