Milestones, awards, and new books by Paris Writing Workshop graduates

Tommy Pico (PAA '11) was profiled in The New Yorker's "Page Turner" section in tandem with the debut his poetry collection IRL, which Publisher's Weekly called "brilliant, funny, and musical." IRL is described as "a sweaty, summertime poem composed like a long text message, rooted in the epic tradition of A.R. Ammons, ancient Kumeyaay Bird Songs, and Beyoncé's visual albums. It follows Teebs, a reservation-born, queer NDN weirdo, trying to figure out his impulses/desires/history in the midst of Brooklyn rooftops, privacy in the age of the Internet, street harassment, suicide, boys boys boys, literature, colonialism, religion, leaving one's 20s, and a love/hate relationship with English."

Veins of the Ocean by Patricia Engel (PAA '03) was published by Grove Press in May. Of the novel, the New York Times Book Review wrote: "Engel writes with a raw realism that elevates her characters' mundane existence — their failures and failings, hopes and dreams, pleasures and pains — to something majestic. At the heart of her storytelling is a deep sense of compassion. This is a writer who understands that exile can be as much an emotional state as a geographical one, that the agony of leaving tugs against the agony of being left behind. ...To immerse oneself in Engel's prose is to surrender to a seductive embrace, a hypnotic beauty that mingles submersion with submission."

"Guided By Moonlight," a poem originally drafted at the Paris Writing Workshop by Cronan Scanlon (PAA '16), won second prize in Ireland's 2016 Frances Browne Bicentennial Poetry/Writing Competition. "Things in Boxes," a flash story by Stacey Resnikoff (PAA '12-16), was published by The Drum Literary Magazine; Powell Berger (PAA '11-15) was published in The Atlantic Magazine's City Lab with her Honolulu article, "On the Job With A Lei-Maker." Edward Derby (PAA '13,'15) has published poems in Cloudbank, Mud Season Review and Right Hand Pointing; his short film Wishbone debuted at Portland's Northwest Film Center in October. "My Father’s Gift," a story by Julie Callahan (PAA '15) appeared in Tales to Go, Issue 18; "Keeping Time," an essay by Angelique Stevens (PAA '13) appeared in Cleaver Magazine; "The Landscape Portal," an essay by Kaori Fujimoto (PAA '11,'12) appeared in Talking Writing; "How I Lost My Faith at a Boot Camp for Christian Kids," by Leanna Moxley (PAA '09) appeared in Narratively.

Two recent PAA students have gained admittance into creative-writing graduate schools on the strength of their Paris Writing Workshop portfolios: Linda Kauffman (PAA '16) who was accepted by Lesley University in nonfiction and Bennington College in poetry; and Mohammed Issa (PAA '16) who was accepted as a nonfiction student at Goddard College.