A group picture from the 2014 Paris American Academy summer writing workshop

Above: 2014 Paris American Academy writing participants, pictured here outside the Schola Cantorum classroom, included: (front row) Jennabeth Taliaferro, Channing Sargent, Jackie Huang, Karen Hayashida, Lauren Klein, Krista White; (second row) Muath Gassim, Alex Rosenfeld, Julian Webster, Mike Smith, Ege Yumusak, Mohammed Aldhaba, Alana Solina, Tricia King, Powell Berger; (third row) Carolina Pagliuca, Justine Miller, Caroline Kanner, Kelly Rudnicki, Janelle Corsaro, Colin Romano; (back row) Dinah Lenney, Stacey Resnkioff, Rolf Potts, Austin Weihmiller, John Biguenet, Rani Banjarian, Pablo Uribe (photo by Emmi Weihmiller).