A group picture from the 2012 Paris American Academy summer writing workshop

2012 Paris American Academy

Above: 2012 Paris American Academy writing participants, pictured here outside the Schola Cantorum classroom, included: (front row) Jann Simmons, Karen Pearson, Christal Radix, Erica Guerra, Andrea Andres, Sara Williams, Kaori Fujimoto, Lauren Klein; (second row) Powell Berger, Mike Fong, Ingrid Pan, Molly Sprayregen, David Turnbull, Maureen Ferguson, Stacey Resnikoff, Lois Allen, Divya Zeiss; (back row) MJ Aravind, Rolf Potts, Lillian Klein, Evan Wood, Rob Newman, Judy Smetana, Anna La Cour, Rohan Divya (photo by Jann Simmons).