New books by Paris writing workshop graduates

Macmillan will publish The Villa Triste by Lucretia Grindle (PAA '08) in the summer of 2010. The publisher's plot-description reads: "In modern day Florence, the new Director of Elite Policing — Inspector Pallioti — is called to oversee the investigation into a most shocking crime. A recently decorated Partisan hero has been discovered dead in his apartment, a bullet wound to his head and his mouth stuffed with salt. Later, another former Partisan is found murdered in the same brutal, unnerving way. During the course of the investigation, Pallioti finds the old wartime diary of Caterina Camaccio. Increasingly drawn into Caterina's tale of love, longing, heroism and ultimately treachery, Pallioti gradually discovers the dark secrets in Florence's bloody history and begins to realize that the past really does inform the present. For it is Caterina herself who will lead him to the shocking truth behind these bloody murders…"

Grove/Atlantic has signed Patricia Engel (PAA '03) to a two-book deal, which includes a short story collection and an as-yet-unnamed novel. Vida, the collection of stories, will debut in the fall of 2010. Patricia's publisher calls the book "a subtle and beautiful map of the Colombian diaspora through the eyes of a wise and wonderful young heroine." Elsewhere, Engel's short story "The Bridge" will appear in the Atlantic Monthly's 2010 Fiction Issue, and her story "Madre Patria" is forthcoming in Quarterly West.

Haifa Mahabir (PAA '08) has edited an anthology of creative nonfiction essays, which Codhill Press will publish in the spring of 2010. Entitled In Search Of, it includes work by 2008 Paris writing workshop students Sara Hamdan and Cass McGovern, as well as instructor Rolf Potts and visiting writer Jeffrey Tayler.

Jenna Weber (PAA '07) has let us know that Sterling Publishing will release her as-yet-untitled food memoir in the spring of 2011. Jenna's food and nutrition blog is Eat Live Run: A Food Journal of a Girl with a Healthy Mission.